Weapons Engineering Technician in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Weapons Engineering Technician î OVERVIEW You will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of a wide variety of sophisticated Weapons systems and electronic equipment on Canadian warships. î MAIN BENEFITS Paid education and training Recruitment allowances Opportunities for advancement î WHAT THEY DO Weapons Engineering Technicians (W ENG TECH) maintain and repair a wide variety of sophisticated electronic equipment in Canadian warships. From individual component diagnostics, to full system analysis, W ENG TECHs provide vital technical support for all shipboard weapon systems, sensor arrays and hi-tech communication suites. In addition, W ENG TECHs monitor and evaluate the performance of shipboard electronic systems, perform diagnostic analysis on suspect components and repair faulty electronic equipment to restore system function. They are responsible to maintain and secure the ship?s missiles, torpedoes and high explosives î QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS Weapons Engineering Technicians should have a high interest in electronics technology and equipment, and be enthusiastic and proficient with computer systems. î TRAINING The first stage of training for all new recruits is the 13-week Basic Military Qualification (BMQ) course at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. Upon completion of the BMQ, W ENG TECHs attend Naval Environmental Training at the Canadian Forces Fleet School in Esquimalt, British Co lumbia or Halifax, Nova Scotia for approximately five weeks . Training includes Naval history and organization, s hipboard firefighting and damage control, watchkeeping duties and s eamanship . Following Naval Environmental Training, W Eng Techs will attend the Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School in Halifax, Nova Scotia for 8 months where they will learn electronic and hydraulic repair. They will learn how to maintain the basic electronic systems that keep our ships safe at sea and communicating with each other. As well they will learn how to store and maintain ammunition in HMC Ships î EMPLOYMENT Upon successful completion of training, W ENG TECHs are posted on a ship or a naval base. Initially, they spend the majority of their time at sea in frigates, destroyers and, if desired, submarines based in Nova Scotia or British Columbia. W Eng Techs will spend 3 years working at sea and training on the job before being selected for further training in specialized communications, sonar, radar, fire control and weapons systems î WORKING ENVIRONMENT W ENG TECHs work above and below deck, under all weather conditions on ships in Halifax, N.S., or Esquimalt, B.C. Appropriate training, e nvironmental clot hing and equipment are provided. Support for the health, safety and morale of personnel is emphasized and readily available. î OPPORTUNITIES FOR ADVANCEMENT For those who demonstrate the required ability and potential, there are countless opportunities for advancement, promotion and advanced training. Click Here: Canadian Forces Video

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