AVON ... Customers and Representatives.... :) Please contact me in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


$10 to JOIN AVON
? First two orders you will get 40% discount on all AVON beauty products, and 20% on the licensed products. (Imagine shopping with 40% discount BEFORE Christmas!)
? No credit cards needed we pay our bills by online banking AFTER we collect money from customers! (Your delivery comes to your door and you don?t have to pay upfront!)
? We have a FREE virtual brochure you can email or facebook to your customers! The traditional brochure is only $19.75 for 50 books! (you choose how many books to order)
? You can order as little or as much as you want every campaign! (two week) we don?t place a quota on your sales!!
? You can earn an entire skin care regime is one of your first 3 orders is over $400 and you serve 12 customers!
? First Campaign - $100 sales and 5 customers get free eyeshadow palette
? Second Campaign $150 sales and 7 customers get free ANEW Genics
? Third Campaign $200 sales and 10 customers get free jewellery collection.
To learn more or join you simply need $10 and contact us to bring you the starter kit with everything you need to start TODAY!
AVON MANAGER : Kerri Trevors (902) 724 2398 (leave message voice message)
Kerri.Trevors @avon.com
Or register yourself to join on www.avon.ca and we will contact you!

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